February 8, 2023
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Hot! The Time That I Got a Boss Hair Treatment at YGallery Salon

My hair after the diamond softening treatment

My hair after the diamond softening treatment

My hair has been chemically treated since I was 13. Since then, as a result I’ve left my hair maintenance to the professionals but this summer I decided to fend for myself. The results were somewhat tragic. My hair was breaking. It was also dull and dry. In short, my hair was revolting against me. It was letting me know how displease with my effort it was. I got the message loud and clear and was looking for solutions to give my hair some much needed love. Around that time, I bumped into a friend who suggested I give the softening “diamond” treatment from the YGallerySalon a whirl.

The treatment which is exclusive to the YGallerySalon and works on all hair types (yes even textured hair), gives the hair much needed moisture. It also helps your hair from getting frizzy because of the outside elements. It truly works wonders (at least it did on me) and its unique in that is gentle on the tresses. Its also a good alternative to people who are apprehensive about doing the Keratin Treatment but want similar results.

The softening “diamond” treatment involves getting a wash, followed by special hair solution that softens the hair and is incorporated using a special heat-less flatiron and finished with another wash. The result is noticeable softer hair that is shiny and full of life. The treatment lasts for six weeks.

The YGallery Salon is located at 180 Lafayette St. www.ygallerysalon.com. While its a salon it is also a cool space where new artwork line the walls.

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