November 30, 2022
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Hot! Gallery These New Style Statements Want You to Pop, Twist and Lock

One pop-twist and lock sums up what new accessories brand Phoebe James thrives on (and how it ultimately works) – with over 100 pieces affectionately referred to “Style Statements,” Phoebe James is all about empowering people to customize their accessories based on their personality or mood.

The brand currently offers flats in several colors (hello, adorable pointed toe flats), as well as thick, nappa leather wristbands and canvas backpacks that each can be dressed up with the signature Style Statements — this works based on a patent pending technology that allow the customized pieces to be easily interchangeable with a quick pop, twist and lock.

From pineapples to lightning bolts to red hot lips, there a number of super trendy statements — down to making something as simple as a letter into a playful detail that can be added to make an otherwise plain pair of black flats anything but ordinary (exhibit A below!):

The price range for Phoebe James’ flats and other accessories lands at $30-75, with Style Statements averaging $20-25 each.

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