February 8, 2023
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Clairvoyant Beauty Cooling Cucumber Mask


It’s not the first time I’m raving about Clairvoyant Beauty. And it’s no surprise either (I also happen to be a big fan of cucumber-centric skincare products), since the brand is all about harnessing the power of all natural ingredients – without sacrificing fragrance or results. This time, I’m excited to share with you the fabulousness that is the Cooling Cucumber Mask.

New from Clairvoyant Beauty and just released to retail this month, this mask is packed with cucumber extract, aloe vera, cranberry seed oil (hello antioxidants), and glycerin – a powerful combo that reduces puffiness, calm sensitive skin, and leave skin feeling supple and renewed.

The awesome part: it works in multiple ways. Use it as you normally would apply a facial mask, cleansing skin with warm water after use. Or: if it’s one of those days you need a little extra hydration, the mask is gentle enough to leave on all day for added moisture! I tried both methods and was impressed that even after day-long wear, upon finally washing the mask off, it left my skin feeling ultra silky and moisturized. A soothing, cooling sensation sets in immediately upon application that lets you know the ingredients are hard at work. And the mask smells just like a fresh cucumber, entirely reminiscent of one of my other favorite products, Clairvoyant Beauty’s Refreshing Cucumber Toner.

$30.00 (2 fl. oz) at clairvoyantbeauty.com

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