October 22, 2018

Hot! Spotlight on Food: Loving Penthouse808

Far off the beaten path, in Long Island city, lies a seemingly quaint hotel, the Ravel Hotel, that is anything but old-fashioned. The hotel is the first luxury boutique hotel in the area and its rooftop is home to the Penthouse808. This dinning location, which seems out-of-place in this industrial yet quite neighborhood, contains a 6,000-square-foot outdoor garden terrace with a spacious 40-feet-long bar. The restaurant, with strategically adorned tropical plants, plush seating, sleek décor, lively music and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline is clearly a welcome oasis to city dwellers and out-of-town visitors alike. Indeed, even notable personalities like Lamar Odom, Al Pacino, DJ Clue, to name a few, have been spotted enjoying the delicious bites and amazing ambiance that Penthouse 808 has to offer.

Come, eat, and enjoy this wonderful place. The food is – Asian fusion with some traditional American inspired dishes; so choices are great. Don’t leave without trying the Parmesan Truffle Fries – they are delicious and don’t seem to create guilt; want something healthier? Then, try the Mixed Green California Salad, it’s a surprisingly filling salad that is sweet and hearty at the same time. Greens or fries not your thing? Then try the Japanese BBQ’d Salmon – it has subtle hints of ginger accompanied with mushroom stir-fried rice that is simple yet quenches the appetite. Want something meatier? Try the Sesame-Ginger Churrasco Steak, a take on the traditional meat and potatoes dish, this creation will surely leave you satisfied (I saw the effects first hand).

While the food is impressive the true beauty of Penthouse808 is the vibe it offers. Whether you want to impress a date, relax, or party, this little place offers you the option to do so in style. Now, who doesn’t like that?

8-08 Queens Plaza South
Queens, NY
Long Island City

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  1. I have been here before. Lovely view and had a hand rolled cigar. This place was fab!