December 1, 2022
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Hot! Five Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss on Bae



Hair loss is always heartbreaking, whether you are a man or a woman, and although the reasons for sudden hair loss in men are plentiful, it is possible to counter most of them with some tried and tested home remedies. In case you are seeing more of your scalp in the bathroom mirror recently than you would like to, try out at least a few of the following home remedies and see if you can’t make them work for you as well.

Massage the Scalp


Lack of sufficient blood flow to the scalp often leads to hair fall as blood circulation is responsible for supplying oxygen to the hair follicles. If you massage your scalp regularly, it will help in bringing oxygen to the shrunken follicles, which could result in enough stimulation to not only halt hair fall, but also induce hair regrowth. Massage the thinning or balding spots in particular to see maximum results.

Eggs are Good


Eggs are good for your health, but did you know that they can also be good for your hair? Create an egg paste, apply it on your hair and wait for ten minutes (or for as long as you are comfortable) before washing off well with shampoo. The high-protein content in the eggs will make your hair appear thicker and shine with health. Do it at least once or twice a month to see good results.

Coconut Milk


Most of us have heard of coconut oil as an old but effective way to take care of hair, but if you are already losing hair, it’s best to stay away from the oil as it doesn’t really help and may actually escalate hair loss. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. You can use it to rejuvenate your scalp and improve the strength of your roots at the same time.



Dandruff causes hair fall and reduces hair regrowth by clogging pores on the scalp. Vinegar is by default an excellent way to get rid of dandruff, so mixing vinegar (apple cider vinegar will do just fine) with water to make that powerful anti-dandruff tonic is a good idea. Additionally, vinegar also has potassium, which is an essential nutrient for hair in general.

Increasing Biotin Intake


In short, biotin is a strain of bacteria found in our intestines, which plays a very prominent role in hair growth and hair fall. Keratin (a kind of protein), which human hair is made up of, is formed through the action of cell enzymes and biotin. Increase your intake of brown rice, almonds, legumes, nuts, eggs and whole grains to boost your biotin count.

There is no guarantee that these home remedies will be able to help you with your hair loss, but there is no harm in trying them out either. If anything, you can only benefit from them. It is recommended that you invest in professional treatments if things begin to get worse.

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