July 21, 2018

Hot! Gallery Sir Ivan Shows Us What La La Land is All About

Every so often the 1% gets a bad wrap for their gratuitous spending. We, however, are all for their consumerism, especially if it means they will spend generously on us–the 99%. Last night this is exactly what happened; part time musician but full time wealthy scion “Sir Ivan” L. Wilzig, bused a band of journalist from New York City to his Water Mill castle, to attend his “official” “La La Land” single and music video release party and follow up to his “I Am Peacemansingle.

The attendees, many of whom–per Sir Ivan’s request–dressed in a variety of exotic costumes including tigers, gorillas, mario brothers, body painted animals (read: nothing) and peacoks, were treated to an over-the-top lavish carnival affair and a window into how the the very wealthy live. Once inside the Hamptons estate, we saw a fully functional merry go-round (and if you remember we love a good carousel) and over-sized ladybug golf carts; we also munched on bites from Kutsher’s restaurant in NYC’s Tribeca and enjoyed an all night open-bar as well as a special performance from Sir Ivan.

For the record, while we opted-out of wearing a “bizarre” costume we did wear bunny ears and a cape (which was provided upon arrival) with gusto as we wandered through compounds, dipped our feet in the pool, and rode the carousel.

While you deal with envy check out pictures from Sir Ivan’s La La Land single and music video release party. Special guests in attendance included Real Housewives of New York City Ramona Singer and Sonja Tremont-Morgan.


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