October 17, 2018

Hot! Gallery Beauty Roundup: Summer Eats-Inspired Beauty

Yeah, we’ve got until September 22 until summer is officially over, but with Labor Day fast approaching in just a few weeks, we can’t help but feel like summer is quickly coming to an end. We love the season for its abundance of fresh fruits and veggies plus the abundance of sunshine, so we’ve compiled this beauty roundup that captures some of our favorite summertime nomz – and products inspired by those refreshing ingredients.


Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon & Neroli Body Wash

When life gives you lemons, you can not only make lemonade, but you can also bathe in the citrusy goodness. The scent of this body wash is light and not overpowering but will evoke a sense of cleanliness parallel to sleeping on just-out-of-the-dryer sheets. Sounds relaxing, right?

$40.00 from Strange Invisible Perfumes

(MALIN+GOETZ) Peppermint Body Scrub

When we say we’re obsessed with minty and mint-inspired things, we mean ob. Sessed. Just a dab of this exfoliating scrub will reawaken your sight and smell and leave a tingly, cooling sensation on your skin. And you thought a shower was refreshing… think shower with peppermint scrub.

$30.00 at malinandgoetz.com

Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask

Whatever magical elixirs Mario Badescu has mixed together for its extensive line of skincare products, they sure can work some miracles. Regular use of this mask helps keep all skin types (combination and oily included!) under control and tightens up pores.

Our favorite part? It’s not one of those masks that dries out skin after application. Just splash on warm water to wash off the mask and voila – smoooooth sailing.

$18.00 at mariobadescu.com

Arbonne FC5 Moisturizing Night Crème with Fresh Mango Extract

We had the pleasure of trying out a few Arbonne products recently thanks to a friend, who introduced them by saying “they just smell so good!” Pretty much an understatement – this night crème smells salivating-ly (which we know isn’t a word, but that’s how gleefully good it is) delicious. Plus, it provides just the right amount of moisture for that 8 hours of beauty sleep – say goodbye to waking up with oily-induced or dry skin.

$42.00 at Arbonne.com

The Body Shop Limited Edition Blueberry Body Butter

Don’t miss out on this limited edition body butter that smells exactly like one of our favorite antioxidant-packed fruits. Its creamy texture does the job as a heavy duty skin conditioner, but it also feels lightweight as a feather as skin absorbs the formula.

$19.00 at The Body Shop

Lush Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb

We've saved dessert for last... what about ice cream? No doubt it’s a year-round treat but we find one of the simplest (and greatest) pleasures of summertime is just enjoying a scoop of ice cream on a hot day. Revitalize your senses in the comfort of your own tub - watch the bath bomb fizz into a creamy, strawberry soft serve scented soak. Live a little!

$5.95 at Lush

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