January 28, 2023
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Hot! So What Happens After the NYPL Closes? HINT: Silent Disco

Ever wonder what happens when the New York Public Library closes it doors at night? Well for starters the books don’t come alive (tragic we know) but what does happen is silent disco especially if Gawker is involved.

Late last week, after a quick stop at the party for G-shock, we headed to Gawker’s Hush Party. And, where we joined a slew (seriously the line was insane) of revelers who were wearing huge headphones blasting tunes from DJ Kalkutta and free flowing open bar from Southern Comfort.   Now that we have saw crazy kids dance to their own personality disco, we will never be same. That’s a fact.

When guests weren’t busy posing by the Unilever’s Perfect Man photo booth, they were busy using the HP Envy 4 laptops to try their skills at DJ’ing.


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