July 28, 2021
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Hot! Video Hot Vid: Watch Diana Vreeland’s Documentary Trailer for The Eye Has to Travel.

I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I was eight years old when my mother got me a sewing machine.  Until then, I didn’t really enjoy playing with dolls (though, I played with them in my front yard because it would make my neighbor Jessica–who, at seven, was the biggest diva I had ever met-jealous)  but after I started making clothes for my dolls, I began to really have fun with my toys.  It was a lot of transforming my “dolls” into different people based on what suited me. Though, like a normal kid, I quickly became bored with making clothes the experience stayed with me.  I am still obsessed with style and fashion.

Any movie, books or magazine that’s highlights people who are influential on both of these obsessions are always on my list things to devour. As you would imagine, when I got a wind of a documentary for Diana Vreeland, I got really excited. Vreeland’s documentary,The Eye Has to Travel, chronicles her career as a fashion editor, socialite, and tastemaker. Now, while the movie won’t officially be released until September, here’s the full trailer. 

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