April 13, 2021
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Hot! First Look: Def Jam Rapstar Game

To help those Karaoke loving Hip-Hop aficionados, many of whom (I am told) are forced to sing “YMCA” in random Karaoke bars to satisfy their love of “music,” Def Jam created a new rap inspired karaoke video game.  The Def Jam Rapstar game, is the first of its kind to offer a true interactive Hip Hop music game experience.  Sadly, the video game won’t hit shelves until October 5th, 2010, but a select few (myself included) got a chance to preview the game at  (my favorite rooftop in NYC) Cooper Square Hotel Rooftop.  Now, if the reception for the game at the party is any indication of what’s to come – then expect a lot because this game is going to be huge.

This fun game will feature more than 40 of the greatest Hip Hop songs; song likes Public Enemy’s song “Fight The Power,” to Nas’s “Hate Me Now” to  Nelly’s “Hot in Here,” and so many more  songs.  With that impressive selection of songs, everyone can try being the next Diddy in the comfort of home without the shameful fear of being discovered by friends and deemed not cool.

For those “rappers” who think they have what it takes, the makers of Def Jam Rapstar created a fully integrated community were gamers can upload video to the community.  Who doesn’t love that? We do.

While you drool with anticipation, check out video of “performers” from the preview party.  And, if you really can’t wait, the check out the Def Jam Rapstar game website for a sneak peek.

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