June 28, 2022
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Hot! Around Town: iHome Product Launch Party


iHome held a product launch party at the super swanky 10ak for media and other invited guests last Tuesday.  Now, if you are a techie this party was definitely for you.  And, when I say this party was a techie haven I am not kidding.   iHome products  were placed throughout the venue and personal tour of the products were given to guests by an iHome representative so any questions were addressed on the spot.

iHome was originally launch in 2005 to market iPod Electronics.  However,  the company success with iPod related products led the company to broaden its offerings – to include new products such as portable speakers and implement licensing programs with companies like Scandisk and Microsoft and others.   And, now the products can be found in over 55 countries and just about every distrubtion channel.  These impressive stats and range of products got me really excited about what new products the company has in store.

I must say the new products are very fun and you will be pleased with many of them once they hit the market.  I was particularly impressed with their net-books ranged of products.  The products which include a netbook USB add on among others are all very reasonable priced and none costing more than $50.  What’s not like about that?  And, ladies they are cute – seriously!  Fellows, they are ‘manly’ grrr.

Check back soon for product reviews.  Also, if you have a question or wants us to review a product please let us now.

Cheers, Lorna


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