March 23, 2023
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Hot! How to Create the Coolest Summer Party

With summer in full swing, the sun has prompted the summer party season to begin. There is nothing better than being in the yard with your friends and family, enjoying music and fun games. Yard parties are inclusive: everyone can attend, both children and adults.

How can you transform your yard into an amazing party venue that everyone will enjoy? Here are a few ideas to help you create the right atmosphere, and get everyone into the party mood.

Summer Candles

Unfortunately, with the warm weather comes bugs; they can get annoying and they attracted to the bright colors and food around. One way to ward off the bugs is to make candle holders that you can place citronella candles into, or you can make the candles yourself.

You can use old glass jars filled with water to float citronella tea candles in, or you can add them to the top of spikes that you can distribute around the garden.

Kids Entertainment

If you are having children attending, you need to think of ways to entertain them while they are there. On hot days especially, children love to play with water, so provide a paddling pool and water based games that will keep them occupied. Do be aware though that they may be tempted to start a water fight, and extra towels will need to be provided.

You can make a balloon piñata and hang if from a tree. It is just three or four balloons filled with water. The children must take turns hitting it with a plastic bat until they pop.

Another great idea is a giant bubble tunnel. Fill the paddling pool with water and soap and one child stands in the middle, the other children pull a hula hoop ring over them to make a giant bubble tunnel.


It will be a nice idea to have a record of the fun you are having. Why not give your friends a camera each so they can take some photos while they are there?

When the party is over, you can get the photos processed and put onto a CD. You can then make copies of the CD for your friends to keep. You can even make a CD cover with applications like Adobe Spark to add a personal touch.

Drinks Coolers

On a hot day, what you need are nice cool drinks, especially at a party. It can be difficult to keep a lot of drinks cold at the same time when you are outside. One way you can do this is to use a barrel type of container and fill with ice-cold water inside. You can then add the bottles you want to keep cool. Just remember you must keep the lid closed, and not to fill it with too much water – you don’t want to be deep water fishing your bottles!

With these few ideas, you can create a great party for your guests. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, which means you can have many parties over the summer to keep everyone happy.

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