March 30, 2023
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Hot! When Froot Loops Gives You a Messenger Bag and You Get All Nostalgic.

This editor is old enough to remember the time when collecting enough UPC labels resulted in free merchandise. I was that girl and I am not ashamed of my past. But, I digress.  Anyways, in college, even though I didn’t drink much soda, I collected the UPC labels from this soda brand (I don’t even remember it now — sad times) because I wanted the free stuff they offered. In particular I wanted this pretty dope denim jacket — think 90 Gap classic acid wash over sized jacket.  All I needed was to collect a lot of them, a feat I accomplished because I was surrounded by soda drinkers. I instructed my of frizz sugar loving squad to hand me their soda bottles once they were done to get my labels, thankfully they complied. Eventually, I had collected enough labels to receive my own 90s looking denim jacket which I might add I wore proudly for a while and would tell anyone who would listen how I got it gratis.

Sadly, I have no idea what happened to that jacket. And,that okay’s because I still have the results of my first foray into UPC collection: Cereal bowls. When I was a kid, I also collected UPC symbols from the cereal boxes. I remember eating my cereal and seeing how many UPC labels one needed to get what. They were plenty of options but I had my eye set of these But lets be eating if you’re eating all I know is that I ended up with Kellogs cereal bowls, and those I still have because they were my favorite. If you don’t love Froot Loops, then we can’t be friends.

It seems times have changed, and these promotions aren’t as readily available as they once were. That’s shame but I am blessed. Even though, I am not a member of the one percent, I am still lucky to know people who know the man because of my job. In this case, “I know” the people behind Kellogs’ Froot Loops. Why is this important, you ask? Well, as it turns out the cereal brand teamed up with Timbuk2, a San Francisco-based firm responsible for functional messenger bags, to create a limited edition set of really fancy backpacks.

Designed by Alexis de Coninck, the messengers bags where inspired by the cereal’s bold colored loops. Sadly, only 100 of them were made and I don’t mean to brag but this lady is now proud owner of one. However, if you have $100 to spare and are lucky enough, you too can get your hands on a Froot Loops messenger bag. And, if you’re gonna be on the backpack trend might as well get one that is really special.  Speaking of trends did you know that sales of backpacks for use by adults (ages 18 and up) grew even more – 16% – and it was adult purchases that accounted for 69% of the overall market. In other words: the adult backpack is very hot right now. (source). Food for thought.

They say be humble but I say I gots mine. Also not an #ad.

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