July 27, 2021
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Hot! Kim Kardashian Hosts Three Olives Vodka Launch


You know what they say better late than never- right? I know this might as well have been years ago in internet ages. So, I will just pretend this happened yesterday. You with me? Good. Let’s proceed, shall we?

I attended the Three-O bubble party launch hosted by miss “I have a ghetto butty” AKA  Kim Kardashian.  Don’t shoot the messenger that’s what they call a big butt in Brooklyn.  The launch was held at the super popular Greenhouse club- don’t ask me why!  I don’t get it.  The party started at 8 and by 830 it was already packed.  I mean packed.

The DJ killed it he played a song to satisfy every taste but being that it was so crowded I stayed by the door to see whom I could see coming and for some people relief.  Anyways we heard word that Kim was on her way so I stood by the door so I could get a good glimpse of her. The party girl eventually made her way and walked the red carpet and she is really thin. The camera does add ten pounds! Her makeup on the other hand was how should I put this- I know excessive but great work takes time to build right? I guess Kim makeup job is a good thing because she looked fierce.

She ten walked to the VIP section with her bodyguard and because it was so crowded I doubt many people knew she was walking in and she didn’t want to take any fan pictures!   She chilled for a while and then when her sister Khloe arrived she made her way back to the red carpet.   Do you know that  Kim passed right by me and I didn’t realized what had happened until she had left.  That left me bummed as I missed my opportunity to take a picture.

I eventually was allowed access into the VIP section though crowded was more bearable.  I spotted Real Housewife of NJ Danielle.  She unlike Kim was more than willing to take picture for me. In fact she was basking in it. I must say I spotted her with a pretty young thing. You make of that what you wish I am just saying.

All in all I had a great time and dance and discovered that the Three Olives bubble gum actually does tastes like bubble gum and its yummy.


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