May 8, 2021
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Hot! Fab Find: Michael Antonio Women’s Shazay Platform


I recently discovered Michael Antonio.   And, like I’ve said before I am in love.  I had this pair for weeks before I worked the courage the wear the.  See, I feared the thought of pain.  I just couldn’t deal with a painful.    But, as my friend once said “beauty is pain” so I was waiting for the right time to sacrifice comfort for beauty.  The time came at my friends wedding and I got to say I got a lot of compliments.  But, what surprised me the most was the lack of pain for such high heels.  I still hurts towards the end of the night but surprisingly very little.   You can still purchase your shoes at at a very affordable price and choose a color to fit your needs.  That’s the one that I have.

1- Disagree – 5 Agree

Affordability 4
Comfort 3
True to size 5
Versatility 4

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  1. I must say, I’ve seen the shoes in person and they look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

    And ladies, they are the kind of shoes that make MEN turn around and look. My “non-couple” (we won’t get into that… it’s complicated) looked at the girl wearing them up and down and complimented her on the SHOES!

    I couldn’t get jealous, the shoes are HOT! It just made me want a pair for myself… let me check that website right now!

    THANK YOU!!!!