October 18, 2021
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Hot! Be Yourself, Let Photoshop do the Work: Kelly Clarkson


“Since You Been Gone” is one of my all time favorites songs.  I actually know the words to the entire song  which is unusual for me because I don’t know words to many songs.  So I love Kelly for that song.

So when I took a look at the this cover picture all I can think is- Seriously?  I just saw pictures  of  Ms. Kelly and she does not look like that skinny!  Who is Self trying to fool? I am certainly not the one!  That said, I know the camera does add ten pounds, if not more!  Maybe this is how she would like in real life?  If so and this is the case carry on, Self! I need friends like you in my corner.

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  1. Michelle Clarke

    Photoshop is her friend. But seriously we have to stop these perfect images of beauty…but this still is funny. I need her friends too…lol :O