June 28, 2022
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Hot! Product Review: Good Clean Love “Lavender Rose”


Good Clean Love “Lavender Rose”

A product review By Maisha A L Dang (www.maishadang.com)

I recently was grocery shopping at Whole Foods. My cart was full but I knew I was missing one important item “my personal lubricant.” Slightly embarrassed, I went to the Vitamin/Supplement section and asked the clerk whether they carried “lub.” I thought she didn’t hear me and I repeated the question “Do you carry sexual lubricants?” The clerk then directed me to the isle & handed me a tube of Good Clean Love.

I thought to myself – the package is cute, playful but good Lord this is expensive! At $16 for 4 ounces, yikes. Not ready to give up I read the label of ingredients, directions and marketing info. Impressive: Cruelty Free, 99.99% Vegan , 95% Organic, No-Petro-Chemicals , No Parabens ( This is a group of chemicals widely used as preservative in cosmetics). The list got better and better. Ingredients include aloe leaf, rosa flower, deonixed water . To my surprise I could pronounce all the ingredients (that is always a good sign).

It looks, smells, tastes like other lubricant but with something special about it. So I tried the product and absolutely loved it. It felt smooth, had a light natural fragrance, wasn’t sticky & to top it off it was safe for the earth and me!!!!!

…your flowers will adore it along with those other sexy parts!

The Good Clean Love “Personal Lubricant” comes in four dynamic flavors Lavender Rose (my fav), Peppermint, Vanilla & Natural.

Quantitative Rating:

Scent: 5

Effectiveness: 5

Taste: 4

Smoothness/Slipperiness: 4

Color: 1*

Stickiness: 1

Odor: 1

*The color is natural tinted from herbs

Learn more about their products at www.goodcleanlove.com

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  1. I’ve never used a lubricant before, but this sounds so great I may buy it and try it!

    About the “taste”… maybe this is a stupid question, forgive me… but, What do you mean by taste? Did you actually taste it? Again, I’m new to the lubrication world!


  2. Great info..May pick this item up

  3. It is my pleasure to answer Black Barbie question. That is a wonderful thing to never had the need to use lubricant. Lubricant helps guide the way to a slipper, exciting time! Lubricant can be used for several sexual acts. It is often used during vaginal, anal, breast, oral sexual. It is also a gem in pleasuring yourself. The reason tasty is good because it can make that oral pleasure for him & her more enjoyable. Sometimes you might also give your partner a treat and flavor your nipples . I say go explore and be moist :O

  4. This seems like a good buy. How is the slip factor? Is it greasy during vaginal penetration? I’m sensitive to that..

  5. It is definitely a good buy. Good Clean Love lubricant is very slippery… it is meant to ease the way . It is water based and I personally don’t find it is greasy. If are sensitive, I would recommend you purchase one of the trial sizes (10 ml for $2) to determine if it will work for you. Good Luck ! http://www.goodcleanlove.com/product.php?productid=16276&cat=251&page=1

  6. Ran across this review and was so curious to try the product with my special man. I’m kind of embarrassed to share but during the act, it got a bit thick w/o errr ummm *blush* I don’t know if this is normal but felt a little funny. I like everything else about the product but just wondered if that was normal with normal vag. penetration.

  7. Maisha A L Dang

    Tatiana thanks for leaving a comment. You should never feel embarrassed about wanting to make sure something is right for your body. I am not an expert….but I would recommend you use a smaller about. A little goes a long way. If you have any other problems with the product…remember everything doesnt work for everyone. Also, it is made with a lot of natural ingredients …make sure you are not allergic to any of them. If you find you are still not satisfied with the product. I recommend you write the company and tell them about your experience….they have lots of great products to try…they might send you a sample of something else because of your feedback. Good Luck & Happy Love Making!

  8. Thanks for letting your readers and friends know that Good Clean Love makes products for sexual health. In addition to our great lubes, most popular is almost naked, we also provide resources, educational articles and tips to make your love sustainable.
    thanks again.