February 18, 2019

Hot! Thillist’s Hamptons Anniversary Party

Guess who is taking over the Hamptons one weekend trip at a time? Here, I will give you a hint- ME! I previously attended the Opening Day for the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge 2010 at Blue Star Jets.  And, this weekend thanks to those cheeky Thrillist folks, I once again made an appearance in the Hamptons.  Luckily for me, I celebrated the First Anniversary of  Thrillist Hamptons with a day party that included food, drinks and cool company.  What’s more, a select few were invited on a special Thrillist/Stoli sponsored bus which chauffeured guests from NYC to the party locale.

On Saturday morning tired and cranky bright eye and bushy tailed, I made my way to 267 Elizabeth Street (a not-yet-opened breakfast destination) for the first portion of the day long trip. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a breakfast taco and a wonderful selection of a tropical summer drinks, including my favorite childhood drink – Horchata.

Not sure what I expected  the bus to look like but I know the bus I stepped in was not it.  This bus was small,  with leather seats that faced each other, there also was a mini-bar on the back  and actual dinning tables, and to my surprise gift bags; full of wonderful things such as The borderline magical Wand Remote, Molton Brown Body Wash, Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirts, and so much more.  As we perused through the goodies, the drinks started coming down. It was then I realized that I was in for an interesting trip.  A mini-bar that on a bus that was being used.  Say what?  That’s not all around noon (like a very well planned trip) burgers magically appeared from RUB BBQ.  Me thinks magic wands were involved because just as quickly as the food appeared the food just as quickly disappeared.

After eating, drinking, and playing games, we finally arrived in at our East Hampton Point– ready to party.   Party we did! Guests  danced to the tunes of DJ Delorean.  The party continued way past our scheduled departure time, much to dismay of our bus driver.  Sorry bus driver.

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