March 26, 2023
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Hot! How To Have The Perfect Girls Weekend

It isn’t hard to crack the perfect girls weekend, provided you get organized in plenty of time. With Airbnb showcasing some superb houses these days, it couldn’t be easier to split the cost across your group of friends and then just organize things to do in that area. Here are a few ideas for planning the perfect girls weekend.

Look for a show

A lovely way to spend a day is going to see a show on Broadway. You could start your day off together with a big brunch, tuck into some delicious food and bubbles. Once breakfast is out of the way, go shopping before settling into a matinee performance with even more champagne. Finish the day off with a delicious meal to discuss what everyone thought of the show before collapsing into bed after a great day.

Visit a cat café

We all saw the media go mad for cat cafes when they started popping up everywhere, but have you bitten the bullet and tried it out? The original tea sipping, pussycat hide-out is in Oakland, and it’s called Cat Town Café. If you live in fear of car hair covering your clothing in head to food, read this simple guide on how to pet-proof yourself before you go. Be careful though as all of these cats are up for adoption… so you might just end up leaving with a new addition to the family.

Relax and unwind

A typical girly weekend away works well in the spa. The private and exclusive feel that a spa emits is hard to find anywhere else. Find somewhere that’s out in the middle of nowhere, with limited phone signal where you can leave the real world behind and relax your senses in an array of massages, champagne and great food.

Head for the vines

A weekend wine tasting is almost guaranteed to be full of laughs, and even if you wake up with a fuzzy head on Monday it’s a small price to pay for a perfect girls’ weekend. You don’t have to road trip all the way to Napa Valley, but if you can get there, it’s worth it. In Home Sweet Ruby’s Girl Weekend Guide to Napa Valley, she says, “My main recommendation here is to call and reserve tasting before you go. Give yourself at least 90 minutes for each. Most wineries in Napa require a reservation and won’t even let you in to buy and drink a bottle.” So with this in mind, have a clear itinerary planned and then you can drink delicious wines all day long.

Will you try any of these ideas for a girls’ weekend?  

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