August 4, 2021
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Hot! Must Have: Jumpsuit

I must admit I always thought jumpsuits were a thing of the pasts like the eighty’s.  So naturally, I vowed not the wear one as long as I live.  However, I’ve  recently changed my mind  about jumpsuits as I have come across some really cute pieces.   I still don’t know whether I will ever wear a long jumpsuits but the shorter one are cute and I may actually wear one.

1) Haltson Silk Drape  Jumpsuit $$1,895.00 (My favorite but out of my budget so I’ve found some good replacements.)


2) Bebe Knot Back Jumpsuit $98

Fullscreen capture 832009 115105 AM.bmp

3)  Aqua Sleeveless V-Neck Jersey Jumpsuit $78

Fullscreen capture 832009 115537 AM.bmp
4) Tribal Onepiece – Black $190


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  1. I agree w/ you 100%. I felt the same way until I saw some that really caught my eye, Short and Long! I think I may just get a long one (maybe a version of the first picture w/out that price tag). Yikes!!!

    I think I’ll start my hunt for the FABULOUS jumpsuit now… WHO KNEW? I guess some things were not supposed to stay in the 80’s. Now, shoulder pads can stay right where they are burried…gotta draw the line somewhere!

  2. I love them because they aren’t as revealing & sexy as a catsuit but same affect (soft & feminine). Things in my closet seem to never go out of style ;O