February 9, 2023
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Hot! Around Town: Bjorn Borg

I had the pleasure of attending Bjorn Borg launch party at the Peter Elliot stores.  Bjorn Borg is an underwear line that caters to both men and women.   The designs include cute shapes and prints  such as funky flowers for women  and bold and dark colors for men.   All are made with the coolest cotton.

During the event-  the “City of the Brave” firemen and 2010 calendar models were on hand to model the merchandise (those manly underwear) and NOTHING else.   I know you probably can’t see my face but the memory still brings smiles to my face.  They are firefighters after all.  So, this girl was beyond please;  And, did I say they only wore their underwear.   I think I did.  Ladies,

Having the firefighters on hand was fitting as it was the event was in their honor.  You see,  some of the proceeds from the sale of the underwear at the party will benefit FDNY charity, the Widow’s and Children’s Fund.

Check out pictures of the event


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