July 23, 2018

Hot! Susan Sarandon Wants to End Sex Trafficking and You can Help

Last Friday, actress and activist Susan Sarandon, joined Somaly Mam, one of Nick’s heroes for a special press conference hosted by The Body Shop to kick off the  second phase of Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign.  The ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People‘ aims to raise awareness on the wide spread practice of sexual slavery. The practice is so far reaching that even in America young people are not immune to its effects and practices.

This the second phase of the campaign.  This phase supports legislation to eliminate the sex trafficking of children and young people worldwide; by making Safe Harbor Laws the norm across the nation (currently only New York, Connecticut and Washington State have them). These laws are needed to protect children and young adults under 18 from being charged, prosecuted or imprisoned for prostitution.

The Body Shop wants to do something and they want your help. Starting today, the company is launching an online petition via a special site for the national creation of safe harbor laws. The Website will all any visitor to sign the petition via the Web site electronically.

But, that’s not all that the body shop is doing to end sexual slavery. The company will continue to donate the proceeds from the Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream and Bag for Life products to the Somaly Mam Foundation and to End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT).

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