June 25, 2018

Hot! lia sophia is Now Making Jewelry for Teens…

Remember those fun days when you would sit in summer camp and by “summer camp,” we really mean detention for engaging in such minor infractions as chewing too much gum in science class (not that we are talking from experience), making bracelets for your best friends?

Your biggest worry was deciding which bracelet to gift to which friend. Good times – right?

The younger set can now have the same experience except instead of making bracelets they can buy them and other fun accessories. These savvy teens will have lia sophia to thank. The jewelry company just debuted their first friendship inspired collection, “Sisters” for teens.  Unlike, the red-carpet collection, the 49-piece BFF gift worthy collection, will retail from $19.00 to $78.00 and will feature youthful designs as well as an an adjustable clasp perfect for a growing tween. Now, while they are geared towards teens, we won’t judge if you decide to scoop one (or two for yourself), after all they are really cute.

Some highlights from the collection.



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  1. I thought, I was the only who made bracelts. So much fun, these are so much fun. I might to get a few for my nieces.