January 28, 2023
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Hot! How I finally Let Go My Open-Toe Shoe Fear


Growing up in New York City, I learned about and started to appreciate fashion really early. I still remember my first disastrous sartorial experience. Though to be fair– who would forget? The nightmare happened when I was 12 and exploring my personal style. That year, I purchased my very first pair of open-toe sandals. I thought my sandals were so gorgeous. Not too high but not too low– just perfect.

The style was youthful and pretty (or so I thought). Naturally, I was thrilled with my purchase and couldn’t wait to show off my new purchase to my friends. The day came and went horribly wrong. They simply didn’t like shoe. Much to my surprise my classmates mocked my choice and my long toes. That day I learned two things 1) I had (at least according to my friends) long toes and 2) that I would never wear open-toe shoes as long as I lived– or so I vowed.

For a long time (we are talking years) I stayed true to my vow banning anything open-toe — this included shoes, sandals and wedges. In fact, it was only recently that I’ve decided to revisit the style. Upon reflation, I decided that I was limiting my footwear choices. As someone who loves pretty things– this was not okay. I also fell in love with a gorgeous pair of wedges. After exchanging a lot of looks with the beauty, I daringly decided to take our imagery relationship to the next level. It was love at first feel. Not only was the shoe pretty–no really it was–but it was also comfortable. I was in love. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I now wear the style daringly. Also, let’s face when it gets hot sandals are the better choice.

To find a great selection of both sporty and fashionable sandals, check out www.Reef.com. The selection includes sandals– in varying hues and fabrics such as leather straps and canvas, cute ballet flats, boots, and so much more. So whether you want to take the leap to expose your toes or hide them (hopefully this is not you). They’ve got you covered.


(Header Image via LuckyMag).

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