February 1, 2023
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Hot! Gallery Where to Find Your Latest Skincare Secret Weapon: Walmart


That’s right, friends. Walmart. This month, Advanced Beauty, Inc., the creators of beauty brands like Dr. Teal’s, Cantu, and Bodycology (all which boast an inexpensive price point without sacrificing results) launched a new brand called AQUATION. Point blank: you’ll want to get your hands on it ASAP.

AQUATION has four core products, all which are exclusively available at Walmart (expanding to other retailers next year, but until then – you know where to go). Each product boasts a proprietary Hydro Balance™ technology that taps into the power of ceramides and hyaluronic acid to prevent water loss in skin. The result is an offering of cleansing and moisturizing formulas that are gentle on all skin types.

Of the brand’s core values, translating the nitty gritty clinical science of what makes beauty products effective is one of them, and AQUATION expert panel member Dr. Daniel R. Foitl explains, “One of the most important features in the AQUATION products are that they are rich in ceramides which are essential in forming our skin barrier. Two natural forms of oils produced by the skin includes sebum (from our oil glands) and epidermal lipids such as ceramides, which essentially complete a ‘brick wall’ sealing in moisture and keeping out toxins.”

The Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($9.99) in particular has earned a prominent place on our beauty shelves as a summer staple for moisturizing skin generously from head to toe, and the packaging of the Moisturizing Cream (also $9.99alone (looks like a jar but functions like a pump – genius, since actual jars are a breeding ground for bacteria once consistently exposed to air and our fingers) has us appreciating the thorough, science-driven considerations of the brand.

So – make your way to Walmart and grab one of each or more – your skin will thank you.

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