February 9, 2023
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Hot! ATLN: K2&Penguin, Rag&Bone, MadeMan

You know you have a problem when you party in thundering rain.  And, after much denial, I’ve come to conclusion that I do have a problem.  Anyways, I still manage to go out after spending hours under the drier.

I started my night at K2 and Penguin launch party at the Standard Hotel.  Due to rain everyone was packed in the smaller rooms as the outdoor section was closed due to rain.  Everyone still manage to have a good time, mingle, drink bubbly and look at the K2 products.  Nole Martin of Top Model fame made a brief appearance.    Gift bag included a shirt, bag of ships and some promotional materials.  See pictures below.


I then made my way to Ace Hotel where Intermix had a party for Rag and Bone and was hosted by Jessica Stam.  And, it was so crowded that seeing the clothes was nearly impossible or moving for that matter.  To make matters worse there was a long wait to get in.  Anyways, I did get a chance to take some pictures of the event.

Below pictures of the event.


I ended my night at the MadeMan party where I spotted BJ Coleman and I had the best cocktail. Luckily, the place was pretty intimate a welcome change from the crowded party at Intermix. So, I was able to mingle and chill with friends before I went home.

Some pictures of the event.


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