October 24, 2021
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Hot! Lunar Landing 40th Anniversory Celebration


I had the pleasure of attending a party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin famous moon landing as part of the Apollo 11 mission. Can you believe that was only forty years ago? Though, I was not around when the mission occurred- it still had an impact in my life. I remember seeing the famous “moon walking” video when I was a young girl and thinking that astronauts where the coolest people on earth.  And, for a second I wanted to be one of them until I realize that you have really like science, see I am not down with science  – just not who I am.  Anyways, I digress – the celebration was held at the Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History and was hosted by Louis Vuitton.

Now, if you are wondering why LV is involved in a party to celebrate the famous Apollo mission. I got the answers for you as  I did some research (I know I have all the answers).  It turns out LV has launched a new campaign “Core Values” which commemorates the 40th anniversary of man’s conquest of the Moon.  As part of the core advertising intuitive LV gathered Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell and Sally Ride to a moving pictorial shot by the one and only Annie Leibovits.

Now about the party, guest danced to the tunes of DJ Cassidy (you know I love him) while sipping on Moet Champagne (my favorite) and other signature cocktails and great food.  The event was attending by the pregnant and glowing Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr another VS model and Orlando Bloom current boo. Lance Bass barely was recognizable among the massive crowd but I spotted him.  Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville and family showed up. My favorite person Estelle also was in the house. See her giving me the peace sign? She is always so lovely to me.  Cassie was also showed up and as did her hair or lack there-off.  Having seen it up close, I still don’t get it. Though, she must know of a good barber because her shaved side was fresh and full of designs.  Jessica Szohr who was how should I put this? Oh, I know: Stank! She is lucky I recognize her and I don’t even watch Gossip Girl.  Moving on, by far the best person at the party in opinion was Marc Jacobs publicists Tim Mark Garcia. Why?  Well, because homeboy proudly displayed his “ankle bracelet” so the police are aware of his whereabouts. Only a real diva can truly pull the ankle bracelet look and Mr. Garcia is a real diva. That’s all I am saying.

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  1. Tricia Redmond

    Looks like the place to be! Wonder what will happen in next 40 years. xoxo, Tricia