June 7, 2023

Hot! Five Common Hair Problems and How to Fix Them

Hair problems can turn your beauty routine into a time-consuming chore. But with a little bit of know-how, you can tackle your tresses with ease. In this article, you’ll find out the best ways to deal with dandruff, hair loss, split ends, static and tangles.


Dandruff is caused by a fungal overgrowth, resulting in clumps of dead skin clinging to your scalp and migrating along your hair shaft. Don’t confuse dandruff with dry scalp. Dry scalp causes white, powdery flakes to slough off your scalp, and it has a different cause and remedy.

To get rid of dandruff, you can use medicated shampoos, but many anti-dandruff shampoos cause hair damage of their own.

An alternative way to deal with dandruff without wrecking your hair is to apply antifungal essential oils to your scalp or mix them into your regular shampoo. Good essential oils to try include tea tree, lavender, and lemongrass.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be caused by stress, hormone imbalance, female pattern baldness, or a bad hair care routine. Often, hair thins slowly over time, only becoming noticeable when a significant amount of hair loss has already occurred. Sometimes though, hair loss can take a more dramatic form, with clumps of hair falling away when you brush or shampoo.

To stop hair loss, you’ll need to address the underlying problem.

  • Remove sources of stress from your life or use relaxation techniques to help you cope with them.
  • See your doctor to find out if hormones are behind your hair loss and to get the appropriate treatment.
  • Use better quality products and styling techniques.
  • Use a regrowth product formulated to address pattern baldness.

Once you’ve put a stop to your hair loss, your hair will begin to grow back. How fast does hair grow? Well, that depends on factors like age, hormones, and genetics, but on average, hair will grow at a rate of around half an inch per month.

Split Ends

The obvious way to deal with split ends is to cut them off, but if the splits extend too far along your hair shaft, then cutting them might not be an option unless you’re willing to change your hairstyle.

Luckily, some good repair serums are available that bind the split ends and give your hair a smooth appearance. Buy repair serums at your local drugstore, or ask your stylist for product advice.


Static can leave you with the proverbial birds’ nest on your head. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for this problem. All you need to do is work some dry shampoo through your hair and your static nightmare will be over.

Tangles in Long Hair

Long hair looks amazing, but it can be a pain in the you-know-where to deal with every day. Instead of painful daily detangling, take a couple of minutes at bedtime and put your hair in a simple braid. The braid stops your hair tangling, prevent breakages, and gives your hair some natural body.

Whatever your hair care woes, rest assured that with a little effort you can overcome them and banish your bad hair days for good.

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