September 21, 2021
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Hot! Men Love Them: Wife Beater


I recently wrote a piece which details my love for wife beaters – I know dorky but the response has been really positive.   I am surprised that so many of you share my enthusiasm for the wife beater.  I have received comments with suggestions where to find wife beaters for cheap.  I’ve also received comments thanking me for the tip to buy man shirts. Others sent suggestions about how to best wear a wife beater.

My biggest surprise though came from the men- it turns out that they too love the wife beaters on women.  Who knew?  I was clueless about this very important information.    I am wise and now I am spreading the love.  Anyways, my male friends (AKA – my research subjects) conveyed the one simple way and yet effective to wear a wife beater and of course get them to notice you.

Want know?  Of course you do.  According to my friends and I quote “nothing is sexier than a woman in a crisp wife beater with tight jeans and heels.” Apparently, if you are wearing something like that they will notice you.  Now, ladies get your wife beater shopping on.  Hopefully, you will find your dream boo.



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