February 8, 2023
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Hot! ATLN Swarovski, Guess Store Re-opening & H&M

Around Town Last Night (ATLN):  Attended: Swarovski, Guess Store Re-opening and H&M party. Yesterday was an event packed evening with tons of bubbly. Now, you know that’s my favorite kind of night.

Anyways, I started my night at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ store in New York.  Upon entering, I was greeted with a glass of bubbly and was instructed to get my gift at the table. WHAT, WHAT! Shopping and bubbly, what way to start my evening!  And, t here was a 15% discount on all the bling and charms in the store.

Some Pictures  at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED store event

I then walked a couple of blocks to the Guess? store re-opening party hosted by Michelle Trachtenberg with Marie Claire.  The event also raised money for Oxfam and a $5 donation got you a gift bag that included $20 gift card to Guess.  Anyways, did you know the store was closed for five months? I had no idea but I am glad that its back up and running and that they’ve added additional square feet. You know what means? More  shopping.

I made my way to way to waiter because there’s nothing better than a cold glass of bubbly.  And, I spot none other than Kanye West future ex-wife Amber Rose in her Sunday best. It quickly crowded near my section so I took a picture of her and then walked around and then Spotted Lydia Hearst.  Also in attendance: Selita Ebanks, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Phillip Bloc, and Heather Tom.

Pictures at Marie Claire

My time at the Guess store over and the night still young, I decided to check out the H&M party at The Standard Hotel and its looks like I wasn’t the only person that had the same idea as I spotted a few faces from the Guess party.  The rooftop was perfect for the evening. The Standard Hotel which over looks the High Line has amazing views.

Anyways, after some time I hear the crowd buzzing that someone big is going to come through.  Who could it be? I thought but then I quickly got distracted by a cupcake. Remember I love food.  So, I had forgotten all about the “big” guests until I saw Kanye West Future ex-wife Amber Rose. I mean its so easy to spot her in her Sunday best. And, I all kept of thinking, Amber is following me? Though, I know she is not.

After the busy party at Guess it was great to come to an H&M party for a chill ending to a great evening. most of women seem to be catching up with friends and just taking a chill night out.

Pictures of event


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  1. Michelle Williams

    I am not goign to even front. I didn’t even read the article. I just saw the HOT Amber Rose. That’s what’s up! -Micky

  2. Kanye West Future ex-wife Amber Rose …I love it!!!!! Thanks Fabulous Reporter

  3. they did give any parting gift at the swavoski?

  4. The bracelet which is value at $35.