July 18, 2018

Hot! Sobe Lifewater Round Three


Last week, I told you about the amazing Sobe Lifewater Drive-in movie theater at the Famed Steven Weiss Studio; now, if you read my post you are well aware that Sobe is also having a different theme event every Friday for most of the summer. For this week event, Sobe teamed up with Paper Magazine to create an incredible “portrait studio” also held at the Steven Weiss studio.

The portrait studio that Sobe “created” came complete with hair and make-up people- who re-created model hair and model make-up for guest lucky or daring enough.  And, throughout the first floor many mini photo shoot studios available so that guests experienced professional quality images. The photographers took pictures of guests who signed up for the session and those guests walked away with a flash drive of their pictures.  How cool is that?

Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to get my hair and or make-up done. You see I was upstairs and apparently the upstairs section was for the VIP guests. This was a bummer because the upstairs sections is where the spa treatments where done and the food was being prepared.

However, this week you were only able to get one spa treatment service unlike last week where you where able to get all three of the spa services, this.  At first, I was disappointed but seeing how much smoother it was than last week, I quickly got over it. Besides, I still got me a manicure. I am not complaining. Though, I would love it, if I were able to get all three of them again.  Anyways, upstairs was also the location of where food was being prepared. La Esquina catered and they had a huge BBQ grill in the roof deck.  Now, I love food so where there’s food there’s.

Since, I was invited by a friend to the upstairs section I didn’t want to risk the chance of going downstairs and not being able to return upstairs so I stayed put.  I chilled in the upstairs section with my friends and ate that delicious corn from La Esquina. What did they put in it? The cheese with the corn was just delicious.  After I had my fill of food, my manicure done. I heard DJ Cassidy had entered the building. So, I made my way down to dance floor to hear Cassidy spin his trademark tunes. At one point DJ Cassidy stopped the music and says “Now, I am too pretty to have people spitting up my face” and all his followers (sadly, including me) were up in arms as to who could possible want to do that hurt Cassidy. Well, he played a joke on us and got the crowd excited with a cool song.  The crowd was beyond excited and it set the tune for the rest of the time.

Like last time I had a blast and I brought a friend along who also had a great time.  Is it bad that I already know what I want to hear for this Friday’s event? But I hear the event is roller-skating and Golf and I really want to see how Sobe pulls it off. Yeah, I know-Maybe I am just a little too eager.

Some images from the event.

I just love this image so I am posting it again.

This guy had the coolest jacket but he didn’t want his face shown so I just took a picture of the jacket.

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