March 23, 2023
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Hot! How to Refresh Your Closet this Summer


We all know those people who look effortlessly chic nearly every day despite having a wardrobe that’s undeniably average. Some folks just have that knack to take the clothing essentials and add to them in just such a way that they never look like they’ve repeated an outfit in their lives. Grrr … we hate them. We kid, we kid. Here’s the thing, though—you can do it, too, and you don’t even have to go over the top in effort or price. Read on to find out how to refresh your closet this summer.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize … Oh, and Then Accessorize

Do you have a staple white tee and jeans that you just love and always manage to look chic despite their ho-hum origins? Perfect! That’s all it takes when you accessorize like a professional stylist. Whether it’s a colorful bib necklace, a whimsical summer scarf, or one of the many hats that are in style these days, accessories are going to be the basis for refreshing your summer closet. You can go conventional with a simple and classic hair clip, or funk it up a bit with a hand cuff. Just be prepared to tell people where you got yours, as people are going to ask. And, as every woman knows, a great bag can go a long way in setting yourself apart from the rest. A bright yellow or red handbag would be perfect for summer, and the pop of color is ideal for color blocking.

Confirm Your Status as a “Shoe-In”

Ahhh, shoes. You don’t have to be Carrie Bradshaw to appreciate them. It’s just in our genetic makeup, right, ladies? And, let’s say you’re rubbing elbows at a great party, sipping on your fave cocktail—how do you plan on setting yourself apart from the rest? Why, your shoes, of course! And gone are the days when you have to be on 5-inch platforms to make a statement. Supermodels like Gigi Hadid know that stylish sneakers are oh-so-hot right now, and our feet couldn’t be happier about this latest trend. However, sandals are always the unofficial symbol of summer so, if you’re looking for what’s hot right now, check out this article on Elle. Are you kidding me with those “Fun Vacation Gladiators”? Fun is an understatement! New shoes are a great way to make an outfit from last summer new again.


You’ve gotta start with the basics. Every respectable adult has to have a high quality white and black tee and/or button-down and jeans that aren’t from 1972 (although they could be trending again, actually). Of course, a staple for every woman is also the “LBD”, or little black dress. Once you’ve got these necessities, the world is your fashion oyster. You could take the little black dress and, with different accessories, shoes, and hats or hairstyles, make it look different every day of the week. If you’re going to go basic on the bottom (think jeans or khakis), spice it up on top with something sleek and modern from a store like Touch of Modern. Casual and stylish? Yep, it’s possible.


It is truly hard for women to go wrong with a basic dress. Could it get any easier than a “onesie” for adults? Of course, there are a ton of wild prints that scream “summer,” but if you’re looking for more versatility, choose a solid color and use your accessories to give it some variation. A long, black maxi dress is begging for a statement necklace (or turquoise, of course) and that denim jumper would look amazing with a cute headband and Chuck Taylors. Seriously, think outside the box here, people. Dresses are also great for traveling, which is a common occurrence during the summer. Grab two or three rayon dresses, toss ‘em in your suitcase, and, voila, you’re set. No iron needed!

Refreshing your closet every summer can feel like a chore but follow these tips and you’ll be good to go.


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