May 16, 2021
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Hot! Home Depot Klein Tools 18 In. Canvas Tool Bag

I know what you are thinking – is she crazy?  And, why would I ever use a tool bag as a regular bag? More importantly, why are you in home depot looking at tools? You aren’t the home depot kind of person.  Of course I don’t go to cute bag “shopping” at Home Depot -that’s just crazy. I have limits you know.  Yes, I know it seems like a strange concept but have you seen the bag?  Its just really cute.  I am telling you these bags are the rage.  I first spotted the bag during the most recent fashion week .  On the pretty arms  of “the gay guys”  and if you are true ‘Sex and the City’ you know what that means; This bag is about blow up. So, get yours before everyone does and you will be the trendsetter among friends.

The bag comes in a variety colors, including, yellow which is one of my favorites colors. Though, I think I prefer the original.

Below the yellow one.

Images courtesy of Home

Andrew Andrew at the MoMa Garden Party with Home Depot. If you look closely you will see the handle of the bag.

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  1. Tatiana Barkley

    I am going to pick one up. I dress ultra fem…and I like to mix it up. This is perfect :} -Tatiana