July 19, 2018

Hot! Gallery So You Trusted The Wrong Person with Your Brows… Tips to Growing Them Back

So you mysteriously let someone with either shaky hands or apparently blind near your arches resulting in either uneven or virtually non-existent brows.

If this has happened to you– don’t call your insensitive friend for moral support who then proceeds to laugh at your pain (not saying this happened to us) and DON’T panic. While your life might seem like it is over, taking proactive steps will lessen the time spent looking crazy eyebrow stylist Julie Tussey of Angelo David Salon, shared some tips for seemingly painless eyebrow fertilizing.


Tussey, suggests using a clear gel and add it to your makeup routine. She explains the clear gel “helps groom the brows into place.” She explains sometimes “waxing pulls the hair follicle out of the pore in the opposite direction,” hydration helps them grow properly.


“Using a clear gel will also encourage growth by stimulating the blood flow like acupressure to the brow area. If you work with a acupuncturist have him place a few needle in the brow area," says Tussey.

Cheat and "purchase brow grow products"

Cheating is perfectly okay and you might it need to “fertilize your brows” to help encourage them to grow back. Tussey, is a fan of RevitaBrow, while “It is a higher price point,” she says her but “clients have had much success using it."

Just like other parts of your face, your brows need love--um condition.  Tussey says “the creams are not going to clog the pores. If that were true your chin and lip hair wouldn't grow back. So, make sure to run you face products through the brows as well and I even like taking my leftover lip balm on my finger add running the excess through my brows and up under my eyelashes too.

“Sleeping Mask”
Who knew? Tussey loves a sleeping mask and eye pillows! She explains “Not only will it help with your eye creams but it will also help to keep your product on your brows.”  So, if you have had a particularly bad case of eyebrow malfunction she says “press your brows back in place try adding a little mustache wax on top of your grow product to seal in moisture and groom them down."

Eyebrow Specialist
“When growing back the brows there will be a few awkward stages at first. You may need some guidance and support.”  While you’re going through the growing process, Tussey says “stay away from the lines around the brows,” so that can she properly reshape the new growth.



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