July 22, 2018

Hot! Baby-G Watch Arm Candy

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“Arm Candy”

Product Review written by Shantee Gordon

I received my Baby-G watch as a gift from my husband and ever since I have been in love with this watch.  From my understanding the Baby G watches are water resistant, offer world time, come in a wide range of colors/styles, as well as a host of other wonderful pluses. The Baby-G is not only nice to look at but it is also very stylish. I was surprised to see that this stylish watch offers so much more.

The Baby G collection offers enough styles to suit any taste; from the ultra femme to business chic and everything in between.  Most of Baby-G watches have a very modern flare that are very eye catching.  That being said what I love the most about this watch- is that it is very durable. My little one has gotten a hold of my watch more than once but amazingly the watch is still intact.  Do you see why, I can vouch for Casio’s G-shock Baby-G Watch?  Casio created a technology that is supposed to make these watches withstand a lot of life’s wear and tear.

Lastly to answer the question on your mind especially during this trying recession time – how much is this going to cost me?  Well, I’m sure you will be happy to know that these watches are
very affordable with prices starting at $79.  Don’t get me wrong, they are some watches form the line that can be a little pricey.  But you will find that the watch is well worth the money.

Baby G has all the making to withstand time, an adventurous life, or your toddler.

Cheers and happy “watching.”


Quick Run Down

*=Disagree and *****=strongly agree

Durable                                *****
Wearability                        *****
Versatility                          *****
Affordability                      *****
Comfortability                  *****


My watch.

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  1. hmm.. thanks for this. I may actually look into getting me one.