April 13, 2021
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Hot! Hangar 1 Blimp Makes a Stop at Montauk

How is this for fancy? This past weekend, the marketing team behind Hangar 1 vodka gathered a rarefied group of influencers, for an all expense trip to the Hamptons for a special party to celebrate the blimp tour stop at the sunny city.

In the first of its kinda, the California based spirit company, is promoting its brand and specialty flavors to East Coasters with a crazy tour with a custom made blimp. And, creating special consumer driven initiatives – including encouraging bartenders to create specialty drinks (obviously) using Hangar 1. The Hangar 1 Vodka blimp tour is expected to hit 30 cities where selected media, among other things (and by things we totally mean drinking), will ride the 120′ long blimp. Yes, you’ve read right – a ride on a blimp.

We wanted to explain the story of our brand and introduce it to people who were unfamiliar,” says Hangar 1 Brand Manager Kensey Davis. “It’s a fun story to tell.” In the its short time (the company launched in 2001) Hangar 1 has ballooned in reach with little to no marketing – mostly due to word of mouth.  And, this is because this vodka is vastly different. For starters the spirit is made from Viognier grapes and Midwestern wheat; what’s more because creating the product is labor intensive only a small numbers are made each year, adding to its cache. Then are the flavors which in addition to the “straight” include citron “Buddha’s Hand,” Fraser River raspberry, kaffir lime, mandarin blossom, and spiced pear. With flavors like those its fairly easy to comprehend why Hangar 1 has grown so quickly. If you happen to travel check out their website for their next stop.

Image Credit: Tom Turner SeaTeaImages

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