April 13, 2021
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Hot! Hollister Store Opens in New York


There’s a new store in Soho’s famed Broadway strip. The store is epic as in Epic Hollister has made their presence felt “The Coolest Pier on the Planet,” has arrived as has done it in style! The store which is inspired by SoCal lifestyle and its literally like walking along the Huntington Pier complete with waves on the windows and surfer dudes. At 40,000 square feet of pure California fantasy the store is without a doubt “epic.” Though, I will say “epic” is understatement – a more accurate description: “cavernous” or “enormous!”  The store opened on July 16 but I had the opportunity to view the store before it officially open the public and it made for a cool party.

The party included men dresses as surfers and women dressed in bikinis tops paired with Hollister shirts complete with the most delicious selection of food and of course beach theme cocktails.  Anyways, I think I had enough Macaroni and Cheese to last me at least a month – delicious.  As the food and drinks were passed around, I made sure that I visited each floor and I am glad I did. The store comes complete with chandeliers which are absolutely enormous yet beautiful – I mean who does that? Anyways, the sitting area reminds me of a cool winter cabin complete with rug carpets and tons of reading materials.  The only thing the store is missing is a coffee shop for those people that will without a doubt spend an entire their shopping at flour floors believe me there’s ton of shopping to do.

I recall my teenager years and I can guarantee if the store were open- I would spend a big part of my time and my money in the store! Luckily for me (uhm… my parents) that time has passed. On the way out guests were handed his and hers Hollister tee shirts along with a cologne.

The store is located at 600 Broadway on the corner of Broadway and Houston.

Images provided by Hollister

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