March 25, 2023
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Hot! Kayak Reveals Fascinating Information About Olympic Travelers

I am going to let you in on a little secret, I am obsessed with the Olympics. In my younger years, I fancied myself as the next Dominique Dawes and vowed that one day I would make it to the Olympics as an athlete. This is despite the fact that I am terrible at sports. Since, I’ve realized that my dreams of becoming an Olympian is just that–a dream. So, I’ve set my sights on going to the Olympics as a spectator. While its probably too late for me to attend this year’s Olympics which as you know are being held in Rio. For other’s the adventure is just beginning.

In fact, the Kayak, the world’s leading travel search engine, launched the GLOBAL TRAVEL GAMES.  The game analysed over its billion annual searches to see how consumers worldwide are planning their travel to Rio. The some information is unveiled is completely fascinating. For example, the data revealed that Germans are the most budget conscious consumers (followed by Italy and France) and are the most likely to plan ahead.  The data also revealed that Americans are all about luxury and efficiency.  USA ranks third among global travelers searching for first-class seats, with Korea and Switzerland placing at first and second, respectively.  USA also places third for direct-only flyers, with only Switzerland and Ireland coming out ahead.

Take a look at the infographic to see what else Kayak discovered:

image002 (4) image003 (5) image003 (1)

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