September 21, 2021
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Hot! Anya Hindmarch – Long Live the High Line!


I told you about the first party on the High Line and what an amazing fete it was. I then told you about the High Line and Target event  and that too  from all accounts was event not to have missed. And, now I am telling about  the  special edition  “High Line tote” that Anya Hindmarch created to coincide with the reopening of the High Line.

As a proud owner of the “I am not a plastic bag” – I stood in line at midnight on a pouring rain day to make sure I got my hands on that bag; I am thrilled that she’s decided to create to one to support the High Line. This tote is sturdy, practical, promotes sustainability and as you can see has a charming picture of the train tracks.

The “High Line Tote”, costs $150, and is now at Jeffrey on 14th street and at the Anya Hindmarch boutique in SoHo;  25% of proceeds will go to Friends of the Highline.

What better way to cover all your bases?  In one shot you can be environmentally-friendly, help the High-Line,  look fashionable and while doing it on a pretty good budget.

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  1. OMG! I love this tote! Perfect for a laxed city gal like me. Thank You So Much TFR, Janny