February 4, 2023
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Hot! Quick Travel Hacks that Really Work

Packing for a vacation is hard. It is especially difficult when said holiday is long and involves frequent jostling between locations. What does one bring especially when packing light is essential but also your trip will have you away for weeks.  This a dilemma that I’ve experienced during a recent and extended trip to South Asia. That vacation saw my traveling to three countries with stops in multiple cities and even more flights and even an overnight bus. Now, that I am back and have made even longer trips before I think I’ve narrowed my list of essentials, and included some travel hacks that make for a smooth trip and great time.

Start with a great suitcase. Select a piece that is lightweight AND has four wheels (like the Vera Bradley); don’t skimp on this and get a two wheel one which is often cheaper you will regret it especially if you are flying a lot because you have to move around and airport terminals can be long. It also easier on your body. For your on-the-go, luggage select a piece that is easily recognizable. One that either has bold prints or has distinctive color because when you’re tired this little thing makes a huge difference. This makes it easy to spot your piece and head out.

When packing here’s a very important trick I’ve learned from my mother: ALWAYS weigh your luggage on your bathroom scale before you head to the airport. So, you don’t have to deal with going over the weight limit at the airport and deal with overages. Another trick is to pack fun “essentials” that you won’t bring back so you will have room in your luggage for souvenirs. For example, for my trip, I packed a 2-liter box wine (don’t judge me) which my friends and I drank while lounging poolside in Phnom Penh. It was glorious as you would imagine and best off all I had room for spices, local fashion, and the customary vacation tees.

Mani/pedi after few days of adventure they can start to chip from wear and tear. When traveling getting to a salon is not as convenient as it is when home and which is why disponable nails come in handy. Seriously they are great. KISS has a series of sets that are great and they come in a variety of colors and yes even for long nails bed like me. What’s more they recently launched a disposable set for the toes and they are just a great. It takes me minutes to put on it. They last a few days and they look really pretty.

This might seem obvious but I was surprised by how many people just don’t bring sunglasses or hats to cover up. For most us year round we are indoors when traveling there are more outdoor activities and more exposure to sun and their harmful rays. Naturally, SPF is great but if it constantly reapplied its not as effective which is why having a pair of shades is so important. Plus they are a cool and small accessory to add to your bag.

This is another unexpected hack I learned while traveling: travel with your blow dryer. Even though I am natural, I still saw the benefit of having one handy as the hotels were essentially useless and not powerful enough for me. If you’re the market one check out the FHI Mini Turbo Pineaple Hair Dryer Pouch. The travel size model is small but packs a punch. The dryer is housed in a series of whimsical fun fruit prints such as pineapples and strawberry. Sure it is meant to dry hair BUT it comes in handy when you’re heading to a new city and there’s not enough time to fully dry clothes that might have gotten soaked during a trip (see picture above and yep happened to me). Now who wouldn’t want to travel with it?


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