June 6, 2023

Hot! Bella Weems Created a Multi-Million Dollar Find Out Why Its a Big Deal



Bella Weems runs a multi-million dollar corporation. Now, that might not seem particularly interesting or impressive until you discover her age–she’s just 17. Bella also runs her business during her “free time” which is usually when school is over.

It all started when the then 14-year-old old wanted a car. Using a $350 investment (earned from baby sitting) and her clever entrepreneurial skills, Bella created Origami Owl a whimsical jewelry company. Before she knew it, the line of lockets which she originally sold to friends took-off and now fully empowers women. Today, the pieces are sold at jewelry bar parties by a sales force of more 60,000 people and is run by a team that numbers in the hundreds.origami owl


But the Origami Owl message remains the same. Origami Owl’s core values include, #5: Love What You Do and #1: Operate by the Golden Rule, and one that speaks to our giving heart Pay It Forward, Core Value #4. These message are most often written on pink paper or handwritten on the walls in bright paint.

At just Bella definitely lives by the rule of “be the change you want to see.” Origami Owl’s hybrid social sales-direct selling model, has created a lot of entrepreneurs and even has helped some get out poverty. Talk about girl boss.

Check out her pieces, which are fairly affordable and retail for as little as $6 online.

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