July 21, 2018

Hot! “Trophy Kids” Wrap Party at Kiss ‘n’ Fly


The cast of “Trophy Kids” celebrated the finale  of their work on the film by having an Official Wrap party at the NYC hotspot Kiss ‘n’ Fly on July 2, 2009.  The venue chosen as several scenes were actually filmed at the amazing Kiss ‘n’ Fly location and it made me happy as I happen to love Kiss ‘n’ Fly.  It is fun, cute and surprisingly laid back place to chill. The party being a couple of days before a long holiday weekend drew an intimate crowd, ready to party.

And, partied they did especially when Victoria Hilton got on the dance floor. His excitement was contagious so much so that I was in on that action too. Well, I do love to dance so maybe I just needed an excuse.  I will say that after he got on the dance floor everyone quickly followed suite and danced.  Seeing how the crowd was so intimate it was very easy to spot the cast members some of whom were also busy enjoying the music (and drinks) with their friends.  At one point I spotted several of the cast members in a huddle sharing a laugh and dancing. I just got to say the DJ was amazing and what I way celebrate your work on what looks like a cool movie.

The movie “Trophy Kids” is the first feature film from YaSu Media, including Josh Sugarman (writer/director), Brandon Yankowitz (writer/producer), and Marc Elliot Littman (co-producer).  Essentially, is about members of over-indulged Generation Y, “Trophy Kids” and is loosely based on the writers’ personal experiences. NYC prep, anyone? So far it sounds like some of my friends, though I am public school kid.

Moving on, the movie depicts a self-righteous “Generation Y” male named Max in his search for material possessions and fame. Yep, definitely sounds like I know him.  Anyways, Max decides the best way to achieve his goal is by documenting his life. So, he enlists the help of Reid to ghost write the script.  The two then embark on a bumpy journey of self-discovery that includes falling for the same girl, Quinn.   No release date has been announced.

The wrap party was the culmination of the creators’ long-awaited dream and the cast and crew members unrelenting hard work.  It was a well-deserved celebration.

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