October 19, 2018

Hot! Refresh Your Tired Eyes With These Proven Eye Gels

Long and sleepless night can lead to tired and puffy eyes (at least for me. But this doesn’t always have to happen, in fact they are countless products that claim to improve the appearance of eyes and diminish the look of boring eyes. These products, however, do really work. So celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, which we hope is filled with lots of cocktails, like a boss and get ready to smize on Monday morning.  You’re welcome.

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ALTCHEK MD Eye Gel Pads 10 Ct ($19.99)

What it Does: This newly released product, from new brand created by Dr. Altchek, help tired eyes look refresh and revitalized. It also helps to hydrate and replenish the area around the eye. Lastly, it helps reduce the puffiness around the eye.

Why it works: The secret sauce from this products comes from Retinyl Palmitate. It helps to renew and improve skin vibrancy.

How it works: Apply, the half-moon strips just below your eyes. Leave on for ten minutes. It feels cooling and refreshing. Can also be applied over makeup. If you have a special rough night, store in refrigerator for extra comfort.

Available exclusively at Ulta.com. 

Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift ($75)
What it Does: It hydrates and refreshes the eye. So it reduces puffiness around the eyes. It brightens the area around the eye; so it helps with dark circles. It also firms the delicate area around eye and it encourages cell renewal.

Why it works: The eye lift like all,Juicy Beauty products, is certified organic and uses fruit stem cells to improve eye appearance. In the eye lift, Juicy Beauty developed a blend of vitamin C and fruit stem cells that was infused into an organic resveratrol-rich grapeseed base. It also uses algae to deliver to calcium ions to help rejuvenate skin.

How it Works: Simply pour the activator into the mask and place the lift underneath your eyes. It instantly cools and hydrates. It can also applied over makeup so it works as a quick pick me up. And, in ten minutes (seriously) you'll notice that your eyes are brighter and refreshed. In fact, Juice Beauty, research claims that 80% of those who tried the product noticed marked plumping and smoothing of the skin after just one use.

The product retails for $75. And it is available to purchase on Juice Beauty.

Available at JuiceBeauty.com

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gel ($30)

What it Does: It helps your eyes look their best. The cooling gel help to depuff, tone and reduce the appearance of fine line around the eye area. It also helps to protect the skin from future damage.

Why it works: This vegan product infuses Icelandic glacial waters and uses proven ingredients such as Ginkgo biloba leaf extract. This natural gem helps to relax the blood vessels to improve blood flow and help reduce puffiness. It also includes ingredients such as Hydrolyzed elastin and Acetyl hexapeptide they help to tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How it Works: Apply gel side to under eye area and leave for ten minutes. The gels immediately cool and feel refreshing. The patch which features cutting-edge delivery system, is easy to both apply and remove and is non-irritating.

Available at b-glowing.com

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