February 9, 2023
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Hot! Three Unique But Rewarding Career Paths to Consider

Whether you’re dissatisfied at your job and looking for a change or you’re a young adult just embarking on life, there are lots of possibilities when it comes to choosing a profession. Sure, there are your typical (yet important) career choices like a doctor, lawyer, athlete, artist, therapist, and skilled trades, but there are so many unique career opportunities out there to pursue. 
Did you know that on average, you’ll spend more than 13 years of your life at work? That’s a lot of time to dedicate to something that doesn’t provide you with passion and purpose. Even if it does pay the bills. It’s best to look into career opportunities that are not only unique but rewarding in that they serve some purpose in improving the lives of others. Not quite sure what that is? Here are a few listed below: 

Another unique but rewarding career to consider is becoming an architect. If you have a love of art, math, and technology, this is a job you’d love. Architects are responsible for designing structures ranging from houses to stadiums. They visualize their projects and create scaled drawings to present to their clients. 

When you think of a rewarding career choice architecture may not have been at the top of your list, but this profession impacts the lives of millions. They help to provide shelter, schools, commercial properties, hospitals, shopping malls, and every other facility or establishment you enter. 
Becoming an architect varies from state to state but on average, it can take you about 5 to 7 years to obtain a masters of architecture degree. You’ll then need to go through the process of obtaining the right licenses and certifications. However, architects can make an average of $75,000 a year or more. 

Just about any profession within the healthcare industry can be looked at as rewarding. You’re spending your days helping to improve the health and wellbeing of others. The most common jobs are doctors and nurses, but an even more unique position to consider might be a doula. A doula is an expert that offers pregnancy and childbirth advice to expectant couples. Not delving deep into medical aspects, a doula is there to provide physical and emotional support for the expectant mother. 

Doulas help with everything from creating a birthing plan to assisting with the actual delivery of the child. After the delivery, the doula also provides advice and support for the family as they adjust to having a newborn in the household. To hold such significant importance in the lives of families as they expand is very rewarding. Women who have the support of a doula are said to have more positive birthing experiences. 

There is no real educational experience required, however, you’ll need to attend a training program to learn how to best help your clients. After completing your training you can determine what rate you’d like to charge. Most doulas can easily charge $300 to $500 per client. 

Funeral Director
This career choice might seem a bit morbid, however, it is very rewarding and can pay well. A funeral director’s role is essential to people grieving the loss of a loved one. They help people to plan final arrangements. They oversee or manage everything from planning funeral arrangements to burial and cremation. Funeral directors see to it that you and your family are taken care of the day of the service by providing everything from tissues to limos for transportation. They do their best to ensure that your loved one’s celebration of life includes every aspect you wanted. 

Anyone who has ever lost someone close to them knows how difficult the grieving process can be. Imagine trying to get through that while having a sharp enough mind to make arrangements to lay them to rest? It really is a lot of work. Having a funeral director by your side makes getting through the funeral process a lot easier. It takes the load off your plate allowing you to grieve your loss. 

To become a funeral director you need to have a bachelor’s degree in mortuary science or funeral service. You will also need to gain in-field experience and pass the state’s licensing exam. Upon completion and with great effort, you could make as much as $79,000 a year. 

A job is something you do to pay the bills. A career is something you do because you love it. If you’re ready to make a career switch or you’re just getting started as a young adult, take some time to evaluate unique positions that are just as lucrative as they are rewarding. As you can see from the above, it is possible to find both. 

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