February 8, 2023
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Hot! Beauty Q&A: Tips on Banishing Bad Breath from Dr. Connelly, DDS


Summertime is certainly here, and with the warm season comes the tendencies to down iced coffee, indulge in boozy outdoor brunches and parties, you name it… with July 4th weekend coming up, we’re expecting an abundance of barbecue and alcohol consumption.

We caught up with NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Connelly DDS on his tips to banish bad breath. Check out his expert advice plus our discovery of an alternative to chewing gum that is perfect for the hot months of summer!

Q: What foods popularly consumed in the summertime tend to cause bad breath?
A: For a “summertime” thing, I am going to go with alcohol. See, we all think bad breath is caused by the surface odor of food (like onions, etc), and while that is indeed true, the real culprits of bad breath are mouth bacteria, and exhaled breath from the lungs. Alcohol gets into the blood fairly quickly and prominently, and is then exhaled (think about it – this is why a breathalyzer works). So even brushing your teeth won’t help. Plus, alcohol dries out your mouth, making for ideal “bacteria growing” conditions.

Q: … and leave stains on teeth?
A: There’s really nothing special about summer foods in this regard. Okay, maybe something obvious like blueberries (or those cold coffee drinks), but for the most part, all food and drink will stain your teeth to a degree. Keep brushing and flossing!

Q: Are there any foods that can actually help with masking bad breath?
A: Well, any food, even sweet smelling strawberries, gets broken down and leads to mouth bacteria. My advice is to stay hydrated, so drink water – that’s always going to help to a degree. But that said, there are a few foods that will help absorb / mask bad breath. Things like fruits (berries, apples, lemons, etc), spices like parsley and cinnamon, and, of course, chewing on a mint leaf will help.


More on Dr. Connelly:

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