July 17, 2018

Hot! Get Kissable Lips Thanks to EOS Smooth Sphere

I am in love with the EOS Smooth Sphere and must share my NEW HOT PICK with you.  I started using the EOS smooth Sphere last month and I can already feel the difference.  My lips feel smoother and I reapply less frequently, the balm truly moisturizes them.  I just adore the hint of fruit flavor and it’s ability to keep my lips absolutely kissable. I also appreciate the natural ingredients because that’s good for me and for the earth.

Did I mention EOS Smooth Sphere comes in a fun package? It looks like a cute toy in the shape of an egg, doesn’t look like your standard lip-balm. But, you will probably never lose the lip-balm in the bottom of your handbag.  It’s easy to use.  Just twist off the cap and glide onto your lips.  This product is 95 % organic, 100% natural and is free of petrolatum and paraben. Some of EOS ingredients include shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, fruit oil and beeswax.

You can purchase EOS lip balm for under $3 at your local grocer, drug store or online www.evolutionofsmooth.com. EOS motto perfectly states it “Twist off top. Pucker up. Smooth on. Smile.”

Delicious Lips,

Maisha A L Dang


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