December 10, 2022
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Hot! Five Unusual Wedding Thank You Gifts


Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, but it also one of the most stressful, not only making sure the day goes smoothly but the months and months of preparation beforehand. There will always be a few people, usually close friends and relatives, who are integral to making sure that everything is done and goes to plan. The bridesmaids and best man for planning the stag and hen party, both sets of parents for financial help and guidance, to name a few.

Whoever has helped you and in whatever way, after the wedding is over you will want to do something to thank these people so that they know just how grateful you are! A thank you note is nice but it just isn’t enough after all they have done. Nor is a bunch of flowers for the girls that organized your hen party and calmed you down as you filled with nerves the morning of your wedding, or the best man who made sure your groom was on time to the aisle and had the rings with him. 

Here are a few unusual ways of thanking those that helped make your wedding the wonderful day that it was:

What do they really want?

If you want to give those you are thanking more than just a token gift then why don’t you find out what they really want! Perhaps your Bridesmaid has been eyeing up a dress or your mom is really in need of a spa day? They won’t be expecting such a gift for being part of your wedding, so it will be a wonderful surprise! If you can’t think of one thing then why not get a bundle of gifts. Glitter Gift Baskets, for example, can be filled with all sorts of goodies from wine to chocolate and jewelry!

Provide Memories  

Provide those that helped you make memories on your day special, with personal memories to remember their part in the day. A framed photo of them at your wedding perhaps? A whole range of items can now be bought emblazoned with ‘Bridesmaid’ or ‘Flower Girl’, which will be a lovely memory of the important role they played on the day. Or perhaps something to wear on the day, such as earrings for the girls, that will remind them of the wedding every time they wear them in the future.

Get Baking…

Everyone loves cakes! So why not get baking to say thank you? You can even use the icing to spell out your tasty message. 

…Or Making

If baking isn’t your forte and will actually be far from a ‘thank you’ then why not make something. A homemade gift is a special and thoughtful way of showing your gratitude.

Thank Everyone Together

Thank everyone together whilst providing the opportunity for a reunion and chance to talk about the wedding. This could be an evening of fun, food and entertainment hosted by you or a day out to the beach or zoo? Making further memories with those special to you! 

Now you have one final difficult wedding decision to make; which way do you choose to thank your guests?

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