February 8, 2023
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Hot! Could Sleepless Nights Be Ruining Your Skin?

Could Sleepless Nights Be Ruining Your Skin? 

You read all the time about the significance of eating the right foods, staying hydrated with plenty of water, exercising regularly, and developing a solid skincare routine to maintain healthy, youthful, flawless-looking skin. While these things are important, not too many people are aware of the importance of quality sleep for your skin. 

Sleep and Your Skin

Sleep is your body’s time to restore, reenergize, and revitalize. When you’re asleep, it gives your body the opportunity to heal, eliminate toxins, increase antioxidants, and much more. That’s why you need at least 7 to 9 hours of rest every night. 

Most people aren’t aware that during the first few hours of falling asleep, the body produces the human growth hormone which is necessary to reduce signs of aging. After that, melatonin is increased which helps to protect the skin from free radical damage. Finally, stress levels are decreased and the skin cools allowing the muscles to relax. 

If your sleep is inconsistent or interrupted, your skin misses out on these very important steps to restoration and recovery. 

Signs Limited Sleep is Harming Your Skin

So, how do you know that sleepless nights could be having an impact on your skin? Below are some clear indicators: 

  • Dull-Looking Skin – Does your skin often appear dull despite moisturizing? If so, this could be a sign that sleep deprivation is harming your skin. The stress hormone is known for reducing inflammation and breaking down essential proteins in the skin which can give you that pigmented or dull look. When you sleep, however, stress hormone levels are decreased giving you radiant-looking skin. 
  • Dry-Looking Skin – Did you know that your body has a way of naturally rehydrating itself? When you’re asleep, the body is able to obtain extra moisture which hydrates your skin from the inside out. If you’re not getting enough sleep, however, your skin’s moisture levels drop causing an imbalance and dry-looking skin. 
  • Dark Eye Circles – One of the most obvious signs that you’re not getting enough rest is dark circles underneath your eyes. This is because when you don’t sleep, the blood vessels under your eyes dilate causing the appearance of dark puffy rings. 

Keys to Getting Better Sleep

If you’ve come to realize that your poor sleeping habits are ruining your skin, there are things you can do to get adequate rest. 

  • Comfortable Bedding – The sheets, pillows, and blankets you sleep on every night can have an impact on your sleep patterns. If you can’t seem to get comfortable in bed, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Swap out that tattered and torn comforter for a YNM original weighted blanket, upgrade the thread count on your sheets, and purchase pillows that provide both neck and back support. 
  • Remove Distractions – It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep if there are things distracting you all around. From the television and computer screens to the light shining through the window, lots of things could be keeping you up at night. Do yourself a favor and remove or these distractions by turning off the lights, computer, and television and purchasing window treatments that allow you to block out light. 
  • Create a Bedtime Routine – Get your mind and body prepared for a decent sleep by creating a bedtime routine. Determine what time you need to go to sleep to get 7-9 hours. Make sure it’s a few hours after dinner. Then, take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, complete your skincare routine, and wind down with some soothing music, a good book, or intimate conversation before turning in for the night. 

You might think that missing a night or two of rest or falling asleep for a few hours is fine, but it won’t be long before it starts to show up on your skin. To avoid dull, dry, aging skin, and dark circles under your eyes, it is imperative that you’re getting quality sleep every night. If you’re having trouble getting your beauty rest, give the above-mentioned ideas a try. 

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