June 15, 2021
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Hot! USA Network Hosts “THERAPLAY” EVENT to Promote Necessary Roughness

Today (10am to 7pm) to celebrate the premiere of Necessary Roughness, USA Network is hosting a bash in Times  Square.   “Featuring five stress-relief zones within a mini football field, each with different physical activities, THERAPLAY is designed to be entertaining while also helping participants unwind.”

Activities include:

– Silent Disco – Master the art of your end zone dance and rock out to your favorite jams

– Box Out – Slip into a pair of gloves and pummel away anxiety on professional-quality punching bags

– Sumo Wrestle – Strap on a padded suit and get your aggression out, sumo-style

– Toss it Out – Beat stress by hurling a football as hard as you can at a bulls-eye

– Massage Therapy – Whether you’ve pulled a muscle during practice or just need to work out some tension, our massage therapists will offer the healing touch

LADAINIAN “LT” TOMLINSON will be on-site from 1pm to 3pm to support healthy activities to relieve stress with fans at THERAPLAY. Guests  can also watch “LT” throw a ball or two in the Toss it Out zone.

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