July 16, 2018

Hot! Eva Mendes has a Face of an “Angel”

Image via OMG.Yahoo.com

This past Thursday beauty editors, and other VIP’s, gathered at the IAC building for a special soiree to toast newest campaign for the iconic Angel fragrance from Thierry Mugler.

The latest campaign, which reportedly is slated to cost $5 million scattered through the next 12 months, was conceived by Thierry Mugler; and will feature the new face of Angel, actress Eva Mendes (she replaces actress Naomi Watts who also made an appearance). The beauty was on hand at the event to present the campaign, including a digital short were she sings “Windmills of Your Mind,” accompanied by full orchestra. The actress also shared with us her excitement about being selected to present the sweet scent saying “I grew up with Angel. I remember thinking, as a child, ‘That’s what a woman smells like.’ I’m the baby in my family by 10 years, and my sisters wore it. It comes full circle now that I’d be the face of Angel.”

Check out a video showcasing the compaign


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